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On some days in the year, everyone just wants my carbs. So, I come up with nice, little boxes for you.

Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Oktoberfest or Christmas Treats....I’ve got you covered

However, you can’t just order those as usual. All the specialty boxes are going to be announced and sold via social media. Once I announce them you must be very, very quick to order, as for those days, they are normally sold out within hours.

Now, if you have a special occasion you want to celebrate and you would like to get something just a tiny bit extra special from me, let me know. If you ask nicely, I normally don’t say no…

Oktoberfest Box

Other Boxes

  • Bridal Party Box

  • Christmas Box

  • Fathers Day Box

  • Mothers Day Pretzel Hearts

  • Halloween Box

  • "R U OK" Box

  • Teachers Morning Tea Box

  • Gift Box

  • Gingerbread Gifts

  • Morning Tea Box

  • Valentines Day Box