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If you are looking for a cake maker that produces rainbow coloured or green little monster cakes that look amazing but taste like shit, please keep looking somewhere else - My cakes are made to taste good.

If they end up looking pretty, that’s a bonus. Again, I’m sticking to traditions. Germany offers so many traditional cakes that we all love and how dare would I be changing them. My Mama and Oma have taught me all their secrets or maybe I have googled some haha

Anyhow if you are after a proper black forest cake, apple crumble or bee sting don’t look any further, you have just arrived in cake heaven!

Check out my menu for all the options. And please don’t be shy to ask me for your favourite sweet, childhood memory. There isn’t much I can’t do!

Bee Sting

Frankfurter Kranz

Wedding Cake


Mini Berry Cream Cakes

Black Forest Cake + Linzer Tort

Marble Cake

Raspberry Cheesecake

Cherry Crumble