Yarra Wave

German: "Donauwelle"

Donauwelle: The “Donau” (or Danube) is a river in Germany. “Welle” means wave in german. Since the cake has been named after the river in Germany, I found it only matching to call my version: Yarra Wave. This cake It is a traditional sheet cake popular in Germany and Austria and is made of layers of plain and chocolate pound cake combined to have a wavy border between them. It contains cherries and is topped with buttercream and chocolate glaze.
The cake's name comes from its wavy pattern inside and its swirled chocolate decoration, although the reason for naming it after the Danube in particular is not clear. It could refer to its popularity in those countries that the river flows through.

eggs, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, cherries,milk baking powder, cacao, pudding vanilla, dark chocolate, palmin