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That's me… Janina. A mum, a wife, a dog lover, coffee addict and CrossFit fanatic who loves food and making people happy. Adding some craziness to the mix and there you have it, the one and only GBQ.

I am a bit banana, I’ve got a big personality, a big mouth, and an even bigger heart. I will say what I think without sugar coating it, so please don’t take me too serious.

When COVID-19 turned the world upside down, I lost my job in the Responsible Pet Education Program where I taught children how to be safe around dogs.

So, boredom during lockdown created this idea in my head, that I could bake stuff and sell it via social media. A few weeks later and I had my own fully registered home kitchen ready to go. On my first weekend in business, I sold 10 apple crumble cakes and I have been very busy ever since…

And that’s how it began… My LOVE for COOKING got me a new career.

Since September 2020 I have been making all the traditional German recipes that I know and love - from my childhood and from very good memories of baking with my Oma back in Germany, where I grew up.

The way I now run my business is a tiny bit different to other businesses but that’s good because I’m not your normal bakers chick. If you can’t handle my social media, please move on. No one asked you to stick around. But if you are brave enough, buckle up you are in for a crazy ride of carbs…

BIG Love