The German Baking Queen,

That's me… Janina. A mum, a wife, a dog lover and CrossFit fanatic who loves food and making people happy. Adding some craziness to the mix and there you have it my own fully registered food business doing German Baking and other tasty things.

After being stood down from my job in the Responsible Pet Education Program where I taught children in kindergarten and primary schools how to be responsible pet owners and how to be safe around dogs to no job, due to COVID-19 in 2020. But I'm a person that likes to do many things, and there is always a way to recover: And I found it!

I LOVE COOKING and that's what I do best and more so now. I cook and bake for you, all the German recipes that I know and love - some from my childhood and also from very good memories of baking them with my Oma back in Germany where I grew up.

You will all get a taste of it now. Consider yourself very lucky. I have so many ideas for this business, I promise you won't get bored! If you are open to try new things, then the GBQ's kitchen is the place to be.

I'm not a baker. Nor a professional chef - but I'm a damn good home cook. And that's what you get when you place an order in my kitchen. It's just like home cooking on steroids.

The promise I make to my customers is, that if I'm not happy with what I have produced, you will get your money back or (if it's not a total disaster), you will get another one for free on any day you wish. I'm just human and I will make mistakes - hopefully not to many though!



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